When I decided to find a publisher for my book

It took me a long time to finally decide to get one of my books published. I went to my computer and started looking up literary agents. I sent copies of my book to several agents, but always received negative replies. After a years, and six agents later, I was distressed, thinking my books weren’t good enough to be published and enjoyed by the world.

And then I came upon the website for Tate Publishing LLC. I knew another writer in my city had several books published with them, but when I read that only a slim 4% to 6% of books are chosen, I knew I didn’t have a chance. But I submitted to manuscript to them anyway. Two weeks later, I received an email from one of Tate Publishing’s representatives! The header of the email was in bold, Congratulations! your book has been accepted for publication! I didn’t think it was real. I read the email over and over again before finally deciding it was true. My manuscript was going to become a book! I was ecstatic! I printed the email and showed my mom. at first, she didn’t believe it either, then she hugged me and said, “Oh Bri! You did it!” Later I gave the letter to my Dad, he had a funny look on his face while he read it, then he looked from my mom to me, asking, “Is this a joke?”

The feeling of having your manuscript accepted by a publisher is indescribable, especially after months and months of being turned down. I know a lot of young writers would have given up and went with a different occupation. But not me! My dream was to one day see my book on a shelf at the store, and thanks to the awesome people at Tate Publishing, that dream is become a reality!

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