My Western Book (coming soon!)

The book I wrote and submitted for publication is a historical fiction Western book for young-adult readers. That being said, I’ve had people, age ranging from twelve to seventy-eight, read my book and they all liked it. So it isn’t necessarily just for young-adults, as I try to write books that are clean and enjoyable to all ages.

I dubbed my book ‘Me and Billy the Kid’ before sending off for publication, although the official name has not yet been agreed upon. The story is about a girl named Angel who falls in love with Billy the Kid and joins his gang. Later she endures the loss of her two closest friends and while trying to avenge their deaths, is branded as an outlaw.

The book is written from Angel’s point of view, as she is the main character, and many parts of the book really did happen, with the exception of Angel’s presence, of course.

My book should be in the final production stage by the end of this year (I hope), and I’ll have some scheduled book signings and other local events to advertise it. Please check back soon to see what’s happening, and thank you all for taking the time to visit and read my blog. I sure do appreciate it!!!    


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