There will always be Cowboys

Here’s a bit of a sample of my writing, I wrote this poem for Christmas, hope ya’ll enjoy it!

There will always be Cowboys


The path of a cowboy is winding and long

Riding a horse and giving chase

After the cow critters in life’s fast-paced race

Never a moment to stop and rest

Lest the cattle wander, spook, or stray

Any cowboy worth his salt will tell you straight

A life of comfort it is not

Hardships, sorrows, pain, and grief for you will wait


Only for the loyal and strong of faith

With the heart of a cowboy, strong and true

He who always knows just what he must do

Will be blessed with rewards a’ plenty

A cowboy is a man who stands tall under fire

He who leads his family, he who gathers his herd

In lightning, thunder, hail, and rain

A cowboy by nature is a man of his word


A true cowboy is of a dying breed

Tall and regal is he as he sits atop his powerful steed

It is sad to say, but too few remain

Once as many as shells on the shore

Today their numbers are fewer than more

But no matter how many or how few

Cowboys are still the very heart of America

Long before movie actors, singers, and ball players, there were cowboys.


Brave souls still ride and holler:

We’re cowboys! Yippy yi ti ay!

Wave to the crowd, bow to the Lord, tie on your chaps and hang on!

Let there be cowboys, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and always

Copyright by Briana Vedsted 2013

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