The busy life of a writer/agriculturist

Being a writer is sort of a crazy lifestyle, and my book hasn’t even been published yet! Not only am I constantly working on new manuscripts, managing my Facebook pages and updating my blogs, I still have my ‘normal’ life to attend to!

My dad is an agriculturist (meaning he farms and manages a ranch, too) and I work for him full-time. In the summer I’m out in the hay fields every day for hours at a time and in the spring and autumn I help gather and move cows, trailing them up and down the mountainside, branding calves, working cows, and putting up fence. In the winter (my down time) I help Dad chase the cows back home when they wander away, take care of calves that have been abandoned by their mothers, and sometimes help feed, although my siblings enjoy feeding the cows more than I do, and most often Dad takes one of them instead.

When I’m not farming, ranching, and writing, I like to garden, go boating, read books, play with Mom’s puppy, clean and decorate my house, listen to music, and bake.

My brother and sister are still in school, and our mom home-schools them. I was also home-schooled. Some of my friends gave me a lot of grief about being home schooled, but I had a couple really good friends who were home-schooled, too. I was accepted to Colorado Mesa University the same year I graduated from High School, but only took a few classes before deciding to take some time off. At first I was undecided what major to follow, starting out wanting to be an elementary school teacher. But then I started bouncing around the idea of being a professional writer. Mom encouraged me to change majors. And I did! But I’m still taking off time from school to pursue my dream of owning cattle of my own. I only have eleven right now, but I’m hoping by next summer their numbers will be in the higher teens or mid twenties.

And for now, I’m happy. I can’t wait to start editing my book, and with calving season fast approaching, I’ll be awaiting the arrival of my new baby calves. Summer is just around the corner, and I’m already planning my garden and adding new trees to my orchard.

Yes, being a writer and an agriculturist is tough, but its a life I love.  


2 thoughts on “The busy life of a writer/agriculturist

  1. “Being a writer is sort of a crazy lifestyle” When you’re a writer, you are barely sane… but it’s the kid of insanity that makes you more human. Gahhhh I love writing so much!

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