Here With the Wolves

Today I sent off another manuscript to an agent at Sanford J. Greenburger. This book is the largest book I’ve ever completed (I have one that is easily three times the size, but it is still a work in progress) and the first story I’ve written that takes place in “modern times”. Actually, it takes place in the year 2016, but hey, that’s modern, right? Anyway, here’s a little bit of a sample for ya’ll. Enjoy! And wish me luck!!!

This story takes place in the year 2016.
The earth consists of three different humanoid species: humans, Slayers, and Wolves.
The time has come for you, reader, to take a stand. You must choose whose side you’ll be on. Are you with the wolves? Or do you stand with the humans? Because if you are with the wolves; you don’t have a chance.
My people are here to purge the earth of its wolfish plague.
I am a Slayer. My name is Vanessa Vancouver.
I’ve lived in Colorado all my life, with a family history that has spread from every state in the Union, originating in ancient Italy. See, I’m a descendent of the infamous Christopher Columbus. I retain none of those Old Italian characteristics, but have a blood line as old as the discovery of the Americas. See, the Grandfather, as my family calls Columbus, was a werewolf hunter. Yes, he sold that bit about finding a trade route and babbling about the world being round and all, but really, he was after blood. The blood of his enemies: the werewolf. It was an ancient feud, between my family and the werewolves, but I have no idea where it originated or in which generation. The Grandfather found the wolves in Spain and eradicated them, but not before overhearing a conversation about “all the wolves in the New World”. So, after securing a crew, a couple of ships and enough gold from the crown, he set off, set on ridding the world of the foul beasts.


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