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Is it worth it?

I recently read a post about writers’ crazy lives. The following post, was about how writers manage their busy schedules while waiting for their writings pay off. After reading that incredibly helpful and informative blog, I felt compelled to write my own version of how writers deal with the challenges of waiting for their hard work to become profitable. It easy for my to write this, because I’m going through this very challenge right now. The author of the blog mentioned above is Mr. Joe Warnimont and he called being a writer “stressful”. I agree with him. I haven’t made much money off my writing career. I haven’t made enough yet to even cover my expenses. Not by a long shot. I’ve got back roughly 2% of the money I used to kick-start my career. I’m still waiting for my work to become profitable. But in the meantime, I do a couple different jobs that actually make money. Of course, I work for my Dad in the summer, irrigating. And I also have a small herd of cattle. As of yet, they really haven’t made me much money either, but I should have enough this year to be able to rake in a profit, even if it is a small one.

I guess the real question is, “Is being a writer worth it?” The stress, the bills, and heartache of being turned down time and again by agents and publishers, and not knowing if you’ll ever ever achieve your dream. Is it worth it?

My answer is: yes.

It takes a long time, but the day you’re finally accepted, that makes all your past problems seem small and petty. Even if you aren’t rich and famous yet, and you might never be, knowing that what you’ve written, what you love, is being enjoyed by dozens, or maybe even hundreds of other people make being a writer worth it.

I love what I do. And I hope that I’m not alone. I know there must be hundreds of other young people like me who are desperately trying to become a published author, and I hope they don’t give up. You must be patient. You must be strong. You have to have faith. And if it is meant to be, the Lord will show you the path you must take to succeed. All you have to do is wait and pray.

Good luck to all of you.   

This Cowboy’s Hat

I started working for The Fence Post magazine as a monthly columnist. My columns will appear in the Fence Post the third Monday of every month. This month, my column “This Cowboy’s Hat” will be in the 2-18-2013 edition.

And for those of you who do not recieve the Fence Post magazine, I’ll be posting my columns here for your convenience!

The Life of This Writer

I live in the country, on a ranch operated by my parents. For the past six years I worked for my dad, Rob, working cows and irrigating his three hundred+ acre farm. Having grown up in a farming community, I have a deep appreciation for the nearby Indian ruins and all the Old West history. I’m a big fan of Louis Lamoure books and John Wayne movies. The smell of pine and aspen trees, trips to the mountains on horseback, and my highly imaginative daydreams inspired me to write western books. My love of magic and mystery, such as the movies Eragon and Brave, and books like Twilight and The Kane Chronicles, as well as a family history that includes the first King of Wessex, England and many princesses, knights, kings, lords, and even a saint, really has influenced my fantasy books.
Two years ago (2011), I began trying to get one of my books published. I mainly write books for middle grade, teens, and young adults.
I love writing.
Every free minute of my time is spent at my laptop, writing, researching and reading stories.

The Fence Post

The Fence Post is a magazine circulated in more than six states. And I’m their new monthly columnist! If you are a follower of the Fence Post (it is availible in your state if you live in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, Montana, Wyoming, or Nebraska) you’ll be able to find my first column published in the February 18th 2013 edition. I look forward to any feedback you have about my columns.