Happy Easter!

Dear Readers,

The Easter holiday is upon us. Sunday is the anniversary of the day Jesus Christ rose from the grave, after dying for our sins, and returned to Heaven to be with our Father. For many people, Easter is the day the Easter Bunny comes and delivers colored eggs, rubber ducks, and candy to children, there will be a big meal in the afternoon, and also a time to visit with those out-of-town relatives who came for a visit.

Today, as I’m writing this, it is Good Friday. Old timers say you’re supposed to plant potatoes and onions today for a bountiful crop. Well, since I do most of my garden shopping through mail-order catalogs, I have not received any of my seed potatoes yet. So…I might be in for a not-so-bountiful harvest. Oh well. But what better was to spend today, not even a week after the first day of Spring, than to go and look at some baby lambs? For some time I’ve been thinking about getting a milk goat, and today, I might be able to buy a baby one. (I’ll keep you posted on how well that plan works out.) As well as being outdoors in the sunshine…and the wind. I’m very ready for warm weather: I’m sick of the cold. I know, more work comes when the weather warms up, and there are many windy days in the summer too, but right now, I’m just looking forward to warmth. Even if I have to be like a snake and curl up on a big flat rock and soak in the sun, I’ll do it! That is, just as long as I don’t have to share the rock with any other snakes.

I hope your Easter is filled with good company, good food, and the presence of the Lord. Happy Easter everyone!


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