Busy is Good

Finally! i have a busy week ahead of me! The weather is warm (61 degrees) and the wind has died down. For the whole winter (or that’s what it seems like) I haven’t done anything. I’ll I’ve done was write. Write and write and write. But I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much. Especially after my “dry spell” in January and February when I just could not come up with anything new to write about, couldn’t bring myself to even begin editing my 365,000 word manuscript (don’t worry, I’m planning on making it into a series: I don’t know if anyone would dare take on a book that long), and all I did was sit at my computer for three or four hours every day with nothing to show for it. It was times like that when I wished I had something, anything, else to do. But, with the cold weather, I was stuck indoors.

But now, new that it is enjoyable to be outside, I’ll be putting my writing on hold for awhile. I’ve submitted one of my manuscripts to four different agents, so now I’ll be waiting for the rejections to come pouring in (You can see I’m very optimistic). And next month I should be contacted again by my editor concerning my western book, due to be out in November. Wait, now that I mention it, tomorrow is next week, isn’t it? Hmm. I might be busier than I’d thought. Well, being busy is good. Believe me. There aren’t many things worse than being bored. Of course, there is such thing as too much work. (I complain about that all the time during the summer!)  But right now, some good, manual labor is just what I need. So I’ll be building my greenhouse tomorrow, planting my currants, hazelnuts, raspberries, and day lilies. I’m expecting several more shipments of trees and bushes over the next two weeks, and sometimes this month my family will be gathering, moving, and working our cattle herds (we’re talking about 300+ cows and 300+ calves…and some odd bulls).

It’s bed-time, so I’ll part with these encouraging words: Happy April everyone! Get out there and enjoy it!!!   

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