Review from the very talented author, Charles Yallowitz. Thank you so much sir!

Legends of Windemere

I recently read and reviewed The Untold Story of Margaret Hearst by Briana Vedsted.  It is a short story that I would call a romantic western.

First, I did find many of the characters to be rather unlikeable, but I think that was the point. LJ was the most likeable even though he came off a little spineless, but again I think that was the point of him. Margaret definitely struck me as a character who lived a sheltered life because she doesn’t think things through and is truly her own worst enemy. Her inner thoughts can be rather childish for a twenty-year-old, which I think comes from her sheltered background.  Overall, I think the characters are very clear and work well to carry the story along.

My big criticism for this story is that there is so much potential here. I mean, there was a lot that was hinted…

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