Review from the fantasy/fiction writer, Charles E. Yallowitz. If you haven’t already, I suggest you check out his blog:

Legends of Windemere

I recently finished reading The Night I Walked Off of Boot Hill by Briana Vedsted.  Here is my Amazon review:

Barbados Tom is an interesting character and not because his memory is hazy and he is trying to figure out if he’s alive or dead. He is written in a way where I didn’t hate him or like him, but I kept reading to find out where his story led. The best word I can use for him is ‘human’ because he was written with a wide range of emotions and thoughts. His inner dialogue is what moves the story along as he comments on his situation, his past, and everything around him. As I read, I really did feel like he was struggling to become a different man than what he was before he woke up on Boot Hill.

The first-person perspective through Tom’s eyes does make it…

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