Character building–how do you handle it?

This is a very helpful post by Ms. Ionia Martin, and if you’re not already following her, I suggest you pay her site a visit!

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I have been noticing lately while reading, that when I go to write a review, one of the most common things I complain about is lack of character development. I suppose when it comes down to it this can be the fatal flaw of any good piece of writing. I can’t stand it when I am reading a standalone novel and yet I feel like I have been dropped into the middle of a story. I have been guilty of this in my own writing a time or two. Honestly by the time I reach the middle of the book I am working on, I sometimes have to go back and check to see what I included and what was only an idea that never made it to paper. Sometimes I think the author forgets that we can’t see into their head and neglects to put the info we need…

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