20 Years

Yesterday was my 20th birthday. Yep, two decades. That got me thinking. Do you know that Tim McGraw song, My Next Thirty Years? In the song, the singer describes how he had been living his life, and how he planned to change for his next thirty years, like spend more time with friends and family, drink more lemonade and less beer, cry less, laugh more, etc.

One part of the song goes like this: “Figure out just what I’m doing here…” and “My next thirty years will be the best years of my life…

Well, that’s my plan for the next twenty years. (Ignore the less beer part: I can’t even drink beer for another twelve months, so maybe I’ll go with something like, drink less lemonade and more beer? hahaha) But seriously, I’m going to make my next twenty years matter. I’ve got a few cows and lambs right now, by the time I’m forty (whew, that seems so old!) I’m going to have a lot more. I’m going to a published author (I’m talking world famous), have a restaurant, be a wife and mother, go to the PBR finals in Las Vegas, have my own vineyard (not for wine, but for the grapes and jelly), and have a million dollars (fingers crossed). At least, those are my goals. I have much more than that planned, but I don’t want to make you give up on my and got back to surfing the web for something more interesting.

So I guess I’ll take my leave for now. To all of you who are having a birthday this year: Happy Birthday! This is going to be a good year for us all. Make sure to make this year count! Good luck and God bless.


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