Book Update

So today I talked to my Book Product Manager, Mandy. One of the things that I really love about Tate Publishing and Enterprises LLC. is the fact that everyone is so friendly and eager to help and answer my many questions (believe me, there have been lots of questions). Today I found out that I get to keep my original book title: Me and Billy the Kid. I’m so happy! So for the next month, the editors are going to be ‘polishing’ my manuscript, then I’ll get a copy of all the changes/suggestions and I either have to ‘okay’ them or make changes. At any rate, editing should be done in the next two months, and layout will start in June. Exciting! I feel like my book is actually become a book! I cannot wait until I’m holding the finished, paperback copy. Ah, now if only I knew it would sell well. It fits in the YA, western, historical fiction, and YA romance categories. Hopefully there are lots of people currently seeking such titles! (My fingers are crossed!)     


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