AIP #4

So, first of all I really need to thank Jae Dansie at for giving my the idea to interview authors! Thank you so much!!! 
Okay, and now, I introduce to you, Ms. Emelyne Museaux!
What is your author name? Or do you use a penname instead?
Emelyne: My real name is Emelyne Museaux, but my pen name is Alyx Mesun. At first, I’d decided to write under a pseudonym for the anonymity  but then I realized that, in the long run, this would be detrimental to the marketing of my work. I still keep my pen name, though, because it is a lot easier to pronounce (and thus, remember) than my actual name. It is actually an anagram of my own name with the duplicate letters removed.
What is the title of the book you’re currently writing?
Emelyne: The novel that I am currently writing is “The Fates: Book One- Abigail”. It is the first in a series of 3 or 4 books (I haven’t decided yet on how many installments there will be).
What is the genre of your book?
Emelyne: It is mythology-based YA fiction about 3 teenage girls who learn that they are direct descendants of the original Greek Fates. Besides being heavy-laden with Greek lore, this novel is narrated in first person and the central character is female, which is a huge leap from my first novel (“The Normals”), which was a third-person narrative of realistic fiction, based around a male protagonist.
What inspires you to write?
Emelyne: An easier question to answer would be “What doesn’t inspire you to write?” I find inspiration from a great deal of things: Music, films, reading the work of other writers, experiences. Life has inspired me. I will stop writing on the day that I no longer have any commentary left in me.
Self-publish or traditional publishing, and why?
Emelyne: My first novel was self-published, a decision that I came to mostly from frustration at the process of agent and publishing house solicitation. I wanted to focus on writing this current manuscript more than I wanted to keep stressing about a finished product. This time around, though, I am willing to go the distance and find a great publisher who can help me better market my work because not only is this manuscript part of a series, it’s one that I can easily see becoming a film or television show and I want it to have as much exposure as possible.
What advice would you give to an aspiring author?
Emelyne’s answers:
1. Write with passion and re-write with patience.
2. Never lose sight of why you decided to become a writer in the first place.
3. If you’re not in the mood to write, do it anyway. Sometimes, the mere act of doing can be inspiration that you were waiting on.
 Thank you Emelyne, and good luck to you!

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