An acception?


Is it really possible to get a rejection and a possible acception in the same day? Yes, it is!

The possible acception came from Raymond Vogel at: 

Does anyone know about them? Have you worked with them? Is it a Vanity press? Are they a reputable company? Does it cost more money to work with them than you make in return?

Thank you in advance for your help!


2 thoughts on “An acception?

  1. They differ from vanity presses in that they foot all costs for marketing. You pay for extra stuff, like you would for traditional, like if you want to do a gift bag giveaway or have more proofs or something. With traditional, you’d likely have to do your own marketing anyway. As for the editor, they only bring in a third party if they think you need it, but I was originally going to self-pub anyway and am using the editor I found who gave me a discount because I know her through someone–if I need it, that is. And although they’re footing the marketing, I’ve got ideas of my own, so will be spending money anyway. I’m also designing my own cover art since I’m capable, but I like the control that I have with a safety net, if that makes sense. But they’re a different kind of indie publisher.

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