I just got the first rejection for my modern day werewolf book. The agent said “Your premise is interesting, but your opening pages failed to engage me. You have a ton of back story and set up without anything actually happening.

*another, longer sigh*

I’ve put a few samples of the book here on my blog (links below) and would love it if you could read them and give me your feedback. This was a book I thought would be easy to snag an agent’s attention with, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

I’m not sure what should be in a synopsis, so for any of you dear readers, could you tell me what should be included in a good, strong synopsis?

One thought on “Rejection

  1. Hi Briana! Let me tell you something first: you’re very brave, despite you’re age you’re already fighting and sending your stuff out there! Personally I’ve had no courage whatsoever to do that so far! Fair play to you!
    Secondly, and I’m telling you what I’ve learned in writing classes or so, I’m nobody, I have a couple things to say.
    The fact that the agent bothered to tell you something rather than sending you an anonymous rejection letter means that she or he thinks you have potentials!!!!
    I learned that synopsis should be direct and tell what is into the book, so you should avoid blurb like questions at the end. Also shouldn’t include all the secondary stories that might make more interesting the book itself, but they’re not essential in explaining the main plot.
    Ok, that’s that! And good luck!

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