Meet the character: Vanessa “Ness” Vancouver

Hi everyone! Today I was motivated to do another kind of interview! But this time, I’m going to be interviewing characters from my book. This idea came from Francesca at

You should check out her site and ‘meet’ some of her book characters! Maybe you’ll be inspired to do something similar on your own blog!


Today I’m interviewing Vanessa Vancouver, main character of Here with the Wolves, as Alpha Successor to the Montezuma Slayer pack.

Birthdate: May 24th

Favorite movie: Black Beauty

Favorite food: Just about anything Kenneth cooks.  


Me: Hi Vanessa, so glad you could take time from your busy schedule to visit with me!

Vanessa: Please call me Ness, and it was no problem: its ten days until the full moon, so I’m sort of “off-duty” right now.

Me: Oh that’s great! Well then let’s get to it! So, what is it like to be a werewolf hunter?

Vanessa: Well, in the beginning, I really hated it. But now I’ve come to realize it is just a part of life. By no means am I meaning I enjoy killing, but its for the greater good.

Me: Greater good? What do you mean?

Vanessa: You’re a human, right?

Me: Of course!

Vanessa: It’s my job to kill werewolves before they kill any of you humans.

Me: I see. Well, what do you like to do for fun?

Vanessa: I’ve recently gotten into fencing.  

Me: That’s nice, but I meant your hobbies? You know; something you do when you’re not working?

Vanessa: Um, technically I work 24/7. When I’m not with the other alphas, I’m training. When I’m not training, I’m doing “pack stuff”. And when I’m not doing “pack stuff”, I’m with the other alphas.

Me: Okay, let’s see, hmm, I guess that about wraps it up! Thank you Vanessa!

Vanessa: You’re welcome, and just call me Ness!


Well, that was exciting! And I think tomorrow I’ll interview Vanessa’s alpha, Kenneth.

I was also given an idea from Charles at to allow the reader (that’s you!) to ask my character a question! So, what do YOU want to know about Vanessa?


16 thoughts on “Meet the character: Vanessa “Ness” Vancouver

      • Sure. What was it like hunting your first werewolf and how old were you? Also, do you have a preferred weapon?

        I’m wondering if I should do something like this for Luke Callindor, but I don’t know any questions for me to ask him.

    • Hi Charles, this is Vanessa Vancouver speaking. I was 19 when I went hunting for the first time. It was pretty scary, especially because I found out that the wolf pack was over populated and planning to wipe out MY pack. Oh, and I like knives. Throwing knives are my favorite, but I’m usually too close to my enemy to use them, so I stick with my serrated, 12 inch long, silver-and-pink handled knife.

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  2. My question for Vanessa is this: Has there ever been a time when you thought about letting one of the werewolves go instead of killing them. And with all the bad things humans do these days do you ever thinking about not protecting one of them if they are evil?

  3. Hi Briana! Thanks! It’s a weird sensation the one I’m feeling now but I like it! I think I never inspired anybody!
    Here is my question: Ness are you really killing other wolves or there is mostly part of yourself you’re killing when you’re ending a member of your pack’s life?
    And also do you feel more wolf or more human?

    • You inspired me and then inspired at least two of my followers to interview their book characters, too! You just don’t give yourself enough credit! 🙂
      Ness speaking: Hi Franny, okay, so it is hard to explain, but here goes nothing. Werewolves and Slayers are basically the same. It is simply mind over matter. If you’re born into a pack of wolves, you’ll end up being a wolf. But if you are brought up in a pack of Slayers, you’ll never transform into a werewolf but you will live to kill your near-kin. Of course, no Slayer would kill their family, and that is why the whole matter is a mess. There are wolves that I love, wolves I’m friends with, and then there are wolves that hate me and try to kill me. Those are the wolves I hunt. I will not kill an innocent wolf, even if my pack wants me to.
      And as for me personally, humans and werewolves are as similar as lizards and giraffes. Same goes for slayers. We are a species all our own. We’re like the lynx. But to compare myself to one species, I guess I lean more towards human, since my mother is pureblood human.
      Thank you for these questions Franny, they were just what the doctor ordered!

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