Meet the character: Dustin Daniels

This evening I had the chance to sit down and talk with Dustin Daniels, Alpha Successor to the Montezuma Slayer pack.

Birthday: May 21st

Favorite Movie: Terminator

Favorite Food: Barbequed spareribs  


Me: Hi Dustin, so glad you could be here!

Dustin: Yeah, it’s good to be here! Thanks!

Me: So, Kenneth chose you to be one of his successors. Do you view that as a gift or a curse?

Dustin: A gift, no question about it. Being an alpha is the greatest honor any slayer can receive. And since there are only three alphas in every generation, it is a position that isn’t readily available to just anybody! In order to be chosen, the stars really have to aligned perfectly the day you’re born.

Me: So you’re saying you’ve never regretted being chosen?

Dustin: Of course not! I’d rather live one minute as an alpha than one hundred years being a normal Slayer, or worse, a human.

Me: I see. So, in you’re opinion, werewolves deserve to die.

Dustin: Absolutely! Werewolves are evil! They kill humans. If we Slayers didn’t hunt and kill them, they’d eventually take over the whole population!

Me: Are all werewolves bad? 

Dustin: You must have been talking with Ness. Well, I guess not all werewolves are bad. Not that I purposely try to find good in any of them. But of course, my pack doesn’t seek out innocent werewolves to kill. There are some werewolves that don’t kill humans. and as long as they don’t threaten human life, we will leave them alone. but if they stand up to us or endanger our lives, they’re going down.

Me: Okay then! I can say that I’ll sleep much more soundly tonight knowing that you and your pack are out there to protect us puny humans. Thank you Dustin!

Dustin: You bet, no problem!


Okay, so does anyone have a question for Dustin?  


7 thoughts on “Meet the character: Dustin Daniels

    • An alpha has to be skilled in the use of various weapons, so we can pass on our knowledge to our pack. My alpha trained me to use a sword, a bow, some martial arts, and I’ve also learned how to make explosive devices. And no, I didn’t have to do anything special to be chosen. My alpha had a vivid dream of me the night I was born. Somehow I was connected with two other infants (we were all born in the same month, not two weeks apart) and we were destined to be alphas. It has something to do with my heart. Kenneth says that I was born with the heart of an alpha. I guess that I could describe it as if I am a reincarnation of one of the great alphas who lived and died long ago. Thanks for your question Charles!

      • You’re welcome. Follow-up questions: what happens to the other two possible alphas now that you’re chosen as the alpha? Is a pack allowed to have more than one alpha?

    • Yes sir, sorry for the confusion! Every pack is supposed to have three alphas. But in my pack, our alpha lost both his sister alpha to the wolves. So unless something drastic happens, every pack has three alphas and three alpha successors.
      Another thing I should add, for an example, if a pack starts with two male alphas and one female alpha, both male alphas will choose a female successor and vice versa. So technically, myself and my brother alpha are the successors of our pack’s fallen alphas and Ness is the only true successor Kenneth was allowed to chose.

  1. Has there ever been a time when you were afraid of your prey? Have you ever felt the slightest compassion for the werewolf and can I have your number? I need a big strong alpha type around the neighborhood dogs are very werewolfy:)

    • Well Ms. Inonia, I can honestly say there has been one single time I was afraid of the werewolves. I was fifteen. It was my first hunt. I got separated from my group and cornered by this one big bruiser. I was afraid that it was the end for me, but then the Slayer inside of me took over, and from that day forward, not wolf has ever scared me.
      No, I’d never felt compassion for a werewolf until the day Ness’s friend was killed in cold blood. Watching her sitting there on the floor crying into his lifeless body, I wished there was something I could do to bring him back.
      And in answer to your last question, um, I’m sort of from the future so I doubt my number would do you any good. Sorry ’bout that. And thanks for the question! Stick around through, my alpha brother is going to be interviewed today, and I’m sure he’d love to hear from you!

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