Meet the character: Johnny Laree

So for my Thursday interview, I got together with the third Alpha Successor to the Montezuma Slayer pack, Johnny Laree.

Birthday: May 9th

Favorite Movie: Rush Hour

Favorite Food: Garlic chicken Alfredo  


Me: Good morning Johnny, how has your week been?

Johnny: Its been a fairly decent week I guess. Pretty quiet. 

Me: I’ve talked to both your fellow alphas, and the big topic has been about the werewolves.

Johnny: Yeah, Dustin gave me a heads up about that. Well Briana, I’m going to be straightforward with you: I enjoy my job. Every time I kill a werewolf, I pride myself on knowing I’ve taken one more threat out of this world. One more human can go on living, and every Slayer has one less enemy to worry about.

Me: I can tell you don’t like talking about this subject, but I have to ask, why do wolves kill humans? Why can’t they coexist in this word like you Slayers do? Correct me if I’m wrong, but you have some werewolf blood in you, too.

Johnny: Most wolves do live peacefully with humans. Many wolves marry humans and love them, but during the full moon when the werewolves transform into their true selves, accidents happen. Look at it like this, you have a dog who is the sweetest, more obedient thing in the world, except for three days a month. And in those three days, that dog goes crazy. It will destroy anything that gets in its way and doesn’t hesitate to kill. That is what happens to the werewolves. The full moon is a drug to them, it winds them up and shows their true colors. Some werewolves are able to block out their wolf side and remain “tame”. Those wolves can go on their merry little way and my people won’t harm them. And yes, I’m a second-generation Slayer, meaning my grandfather was a pure-blood wolf. Slayers have to marry wolves to keep the blood strong. That is the only way we can do what we do. In order to kill the wolf, you’ve got to think like the wolf, and the only way to think like a wolf is to be a wolf. Do you understand that?  

Me: Yes, I think I am seeing your way more clearly now. One last question, you’re in love with Ness, am I right?

Johnny: *looks surprised* Why, yes, as a matter of fact I do like her quite a bit.

Me: Does she know?

Johnny: No. I don’t mean to be blunt, but she only recently brought Dustin and I into her life. She blocked us out before because she thought we were cold and merciless.  This is a difficult time for her, and I don’t want to complicate her life.

Me: I must say that is very gentlemanly of you Johnny.

Johnny: Thanks. Well, I’d better go. See ya around.

Me: Bye Johnny. Thank you for coming!


Well, does anyone have a question for Johnny? 


7 thoughts on “Meet the character: Johnny Laree

  1. I’ve got two:

    1. It sounds like you kill werewolves that aren’t able to control their changing, but it also sounds like they have no control over that. Has a Slayer ever considered finding a method to contain and try the werewolves with this problem?

    2. How does a Slayer convince a werewolf to marry and have kids in order to keep a Slayer lineage going? That sounds rather self-destructive of them.

    • Well Charles, I’ve got to say, there have been great debates over finding a possible cure for the werewolves, but the thing is, there are some corrupt werewolves (the wolf royalty) who goads their subject into killing, and in time, their subjects come to be as cruel as their masters. Not to mention three out of every ten people are born a werewolf, so there are way too many to be contained.
      And in answer to your second question; it is tough. Not only for the werewolf, but for the slayer. Having to marry a wolf to uphold the bloodline is something of a curse to fifth-generation Slayers. Most times, the Slayer loves the wolves dearly, and the wolf (werewolves are very compassionate creatures, and they marry for life) so it is hard to return to the life of killing wolves, including the in-laws, and teaching their children to kill wolves. When that happens, generally the Slayer of the marriage retires because they just cannot handle it. The wolf of the union will also leave his/her pack. The children of such unions are the strongest and for some odd reason, the need to fight and kill their wolf parent’s people is deeply embedded into their very soul.
      Wolf/Slayer unions are not looked kindly upon unless it is a necessity. Of course, the whole Slayer pack must accept the wolf in question, and if the wolf is rejected, his/her partner is expected to kill them. Being a Slayer is not for the faint of heart, that is for sure.

      • Actually, I didn’t mean a cure, so much as teaching them self-control or teach them to set up containment during a full-moon. Though, it does sound like you need to get rid of that royalty before you can get anywhere.

        That definitely doesn’t sound like fun and I’m sure the killing your rejected partner doesn’t always go over well.

    • Yes sir, I agree with you. The problem is, ancient pack law protects the wolf royalty and the alphas of each pack. We cannot harm one another. I’m sure out forefathers meant well when they wrote that law, but it has brought nothing but hardships to us, in terms of being able to win the war.
      And no, it doesn’t go over well at all. There have been times that the Slayer couldn’t manage to kill their partner and the alpha had to do it for them. But after that, the Slayer is heartbroken and dares not try and marry again. It is a test of the Slayer’s loyalty. And unfortunately, that is what happened to my alpha, Kenneth. He fell in love with a werewolf, but since he is a first generation, if he’d had a child with the woman, it would have been more wolf than slayer and a threat to the pack. He was forced to kill the only woman he ever loved. And because of that, he’s never fallen in love again. Instead, he’s given all his love to Ness, his adopted daughter of sorts.

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