Meet the character: Viviana Vancouver

So for my Friday interview (last one until next week) Viviana Vancouver agreed to meet with me and talk for a bit.

Birthday: October 25th

Favorite Movie: Hunger Games

Favorite Food: Pork sandwiches


Me: Hello Viviana! You just became a Slayer and you also found out your big sister in the future alpha of the pack. What was that like for you?

Viviana: Well, being a Slayer is so cool. My whole life I’ve known I was destined for something great, but it seems like Ness is so distant anymore. She keeps forgetting about me. She just hangs out with her slayer/alpha friends and doesn’t have time for me.

Me: Oh I’m so sorry! Well, I’m sure she hasn’t forgotten about you. And as soon as she gets comfortable in her life, I’m sure everything will go back to normal. Now, tell me, what is your favorite weapon to take on hunts?

Viviana: I’ve never been on a hunt. Ness won’t let me come. She says she doesn’t want me to get hurt, but she keeps treating me like a baby. But my trainer says I’m strong, and one of the best archers she’s ever seen.

Me: Ooo, archery sounds like fun. Um, so what else do you do? When you’re not training I mean.

Viviana: I guess I just hang out, you know, I don’t have many friends, so I play everything by ear.

Me: I see. Well, I guess that about wraps up all my questions. Did you have anything else you want to add?

Viviana: Just this: everyone has strength and everyone has weakness. Those without fear are careless. Those without strength are weak. Learning to balance the two is what makes the best kind of Slayer. 

Me: Thanks Viviana! And happy hunting!

Viviana: Thanks. Same to you.


Does anyone else have a question for Viviana?  


10 thoughts on “Meet the character: Viviana Vancouver

    • Well, sometimes, depending on the location of the werewolves’ nest, archers can be positioned on a ridge to take out stragglers. I’ve also be trained to use a sword and know some karate moves. But until my sister lets me join in on a hunt, I can’t tell you how well my archery skills are going to work.

      • Do you have to you special arrows? I’d imagine werewolf hide is pretty tough and they don’t fall to basic weapons. Otherwise, Slayers would be using rifles and machine guns.

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