Ask a Character: Luke Callindor

Charles Yallowitz is interviewing his book characters, you should stop by and ask them a question or two!
Or better yet, buy his book, Beginning of a Hero, available on!

Legends of Windemere

So, I saw Briana Vedsted make a post where she interviewed a character from her book.  I thought was a genius idea and set out to do the same.  Unfortunately, I can never think of any questions to ask my characters beyond ‘why did you do that?’ or ‘are you trying to drive me insane?’  I’ve talked with them for so long that I don’t know what questions people would want to ask to make things interesting.

The answer is to leave things open for people to ask the characters a question and I’ll have them answer in the comments, making a big post the next day with all the questions, answers, and links to the askers’ blogs.   This might end up being a Tuesday to Wednesday event too if it goes well.

Let’s start this up at the top with Luke Callindor, the young hero of Beginning of a…

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