Meet the character: Roger Vancouver

So this Monday morning, I met with Vanessa’s and Viviana’s father, Rodger. Although he’s not an alpha, he’s agreed to explain their role to us.

Birthday: January 16th

Favorite Movie TV Show: Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventure (and yes, he’s a Slayer, if you were wondering)  

Favorite Food: Five-alarm Chili


Me: Hello Mr. Vancouver. Thanks for coming by!

Rodger: Hello Briana, happy to help.

Me: So tell me what its like for your daughter to be an alpha. You’re obviously proud of her, but is it going to be awkward for your daughter to be giving the orders?

Roger: Of course I’m proud, but with such great responsibility comes danger. Being an alpha is ten times more dangerous than being just a Slayer. Wolves hate alphas, and if they get the chance, will kill them out of spite, sometimes not even during the full moon. Ness has never been a brave girl, and I’m very worried about her. Kenneth will protect her for as long as he can, but the day will come when she’ll be on her own, and part of me wonders if the the strain will break her. There have been stories of alpha who chose unwisely and their successor failed terribly.

Me: Are you saying Kenneth made a mistake of choose Vanessa?

Roger: *looks embarrassed* No, I didn’t mean that. But there are some who’ve mentioned it. There were two girls born the same year as Vanessa, and they’re both strong, dependent women, very capable of upholding pack law, as well as having the ability to kill wolves.     

Me: So my question is, do you regret that she was chosen to be an alpha?

Roger: *Long pause* Yes. She is such a frail girl. I’ve seen how hard it is on her to witness the death of a wolf. If only Kenneth would have chosen Margery or Kate, I could sleep soundly at night knowing my family and my pack is safe.

Me: You doubt her ability, but had you said as much to Kenneth?

Roger: I have. But Kenneth and I are not as close as we once were. He questions my judgement. We had a bit of a falling out years ago because I was a jealous, rebellious youth who’d dreamed of becoming an alpha, and instead, my friend was chosen. I though Kenneth was picked because his grandfather was an alpha. But I see now that I was just disappointed in myself and I lashed out at my friend.  

Me: Does that mean Kenneth hasn’t forgiven you?

Roger: Of course he’s forgiven me. He is my alpha; he cannot be cross with any member of his pack, nor can he show any favoritism, outside of his successors, that is. In a way, we are his children. *grimace* Although, I am two months his elder.

Me: Being a slayer is hard, isn’t it?

Roger: It is.

Me: Well, thank you for stopping by and elaborating for us.

Roger: Don’t mention it.


Okay then! Who else has a question for Roger?  


10 thoughts on “Meet the character: Roger Vancouver

    • Roger speaking: Truthfully Charles, I have no idea why Kenneth chose Vanessa. Its my personal opinion that one of the other girls would have been a much better choice. But, Kenneth has a ‘feeling’ about Vanessa, and he’s positive that she’s the right Slayer for the job.
      I must respect his decision and be positive for my daughter’s sake.
      Only time will tell if Kenneth made a wise choice.
      But until then, I have my doubts.

    • Ah, I wish it was just nervousness for my daughter. But I think it’s more than that. The fathers of Vanessa’s fellow alphas (Johnny and Dustin), are proud and supportive of their sons, but then again, those two were undoubtedly cut from the alpha cloth.
      Thanks for the kind words Charles.

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