Meet the character: Margery Rose

Today I’m interviewing Margery Rose, a Slayer from the Montezuma Slayer pack.

Birthday: April 12th

Favorite movie: Ella Enchanted

Favorite food: Homemade Beef Stroganoff

Me: Hi Margery! So glad to have you here!

Margery: Thank you. I was very surprised when I got your invitation. I’ve never been interviewed before. I was a bit nervous to meet with you.

Me: Are you still nervous?

Margery: Oh no, you’re younger than I thought. I was expecting a cranky, old woman.

Me: *clears throat* Well, sorry for the misunderstanding. Let’s get on with the interview, shall we? There has been a few people that question Ness being the right candidate for Kenneth’s successor. Some even say you’d have made a better alpha.

Margery: I’m flattered! I didn’t know anyone had ever mentioned my name when discussing alphas. But really, I will not question Kenneth. He’s done too much for our pack. He’s protected us and lead us into many glorious battles. And if he believes in Nes’s abilities, I will not challenge him.

Me: Off the record, what do you think about Ness?

Margery: I cannot say I’m fond of her, but I will admit that I can sense her alpha potential.

Me: Alpha potential?

Margery: You didn’t think that an alpha just points to a random fifteen year old and says, “Yeah, I think she’ll be good.” Did you? That’s not how it works. Every alpha is born with alpha potential. Think of it as a ball of lava in their very soul. That lava has the power to control the pack. A slayer without that potential would make about as good an alpha as a crocodile would make a preschool teacher. Of course, that doesn’t stop slayers from being jealous or thinking they’d have made a better alpha. And in Ness’s case, she’s a late bloomer. One day she’s going to wake up and say, “I’m going to lead this pack today.”

Me: That being said, are you jealous that Ness was chosen?

Margery: *pauses* I once was. But I’m more mature now. I know that Kenneth picked her for a reason. Does this conclude our interview?

Me: Oh, yes, I suppose so. Thanks Margery.


Whew, that was interesting. Who else has a question for Margery Rose?   


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