Author Interview Program #12

Its been awhile since my last author interview, but at long last, I got the chance to talk to a fellow author about her book. Please welcome Ms. Angie Skelhorn!

And for any other authors who would like to be interviewed and featured on my blog, just let me know! I’m interested in all types of Middle Grade, Young Adult, or New Adult fiction writing, and I don’t care if you’re a well known author or just starting out.  

1. Where can we find you?
 2. What is your author name? Or do you use a penname instead?
 My name is Angie Skelhorn.
 3. What is the title of the book you’re currently writing?
 An author submits their novella or novel they wrote to reviewers to be reviewed to attract potential readers.  When submitting an anonymous person decides to read the story the writer wanted told and then offer their opinion.
 Reviews can be helpful or hurtful.
 I’m the type of person who can take criticisms.  Good or bad I respect the review.  A reviewer is only using the review to express their opinion about the story.
 The reviewers that take the effort to discuss the actual book and what more they wished had been written inspire me.
 After I read some reviews for my book No Reins, a coming of age story I decided to expand the story to express more horse racing and submit to a new publisher.  The book will contain all of the story from the original book, as well as never work written.
4. What is the genre of your book
 The genre of my book No Reins is YA, teen, romance.
5. What inspires you to write?
There is nothing better on a summer’s night than the sound of horse’s hooves as they hit the track surface, the wings fold, and then the horses race.
I became involved with harness racing through my father’s side of the family.  My grandfather could be found at the ticket window making his bet.  My father and my two older brothers owned and trained standard-bred horses.  They have been active in standard-bred racing business their entire lives.
 I began grooming horses at fourteen years old when I found employment at Greenwood Raceway a horse facility in Toronto.  Then it was off to work in the Ottawa area when I was fifteen.
  When I left home I was too young to be afraid.  I wanted some fun and I really enjoyed working with the horses.  Living on the track grounds in my past I faced a few challenges.  My experiences with the harness world in my teens is the more fictional than fact romance story No Reins.
6. Self-publish or traditional publishing, and why?
 I published three ebooks with a small ebook publisher that have typos which were never corrected.  As I waited for the contracts to come due I polished the stories and submitted to publishers who employ editors.  To bring a manuscript to fruition the author writes the story and submits. The editor considers the manuscript beyond the first sale. It is an on going relationship of give and take. Never underestimate the power of a great editor to help improve your story. When it comes time to promote most book bloggers will not consider a self published book to review because of the grammatical errors.
ImageAngie Skelhorn

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