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Okay, so as most of you know, I want to sell 100 eBooks by July. After 100 books have been sold, I’m going to pick three people (if you comment to my post and let me know you’ve purchased my book(s) I’ll add your name to the list of contestants) and give them a prize. I have updated the prizes to now include the following:
1. A PDF copy of my yet-to-be-published book, Me and Billy the Kid
2. A $10 Amazon gift card
3. A $5 Kindle gift card

Thank you in advance from a truly grateful author, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Faith in the .99 Cent eBook

A good question for anyone who has self-published an eBook on
I’ve been wondering about pricing for some time, and this author has some very helpful answers to this very important/stressful question.

Legends of Windemere

I’ve pondered my pricing for a long time.  I did research long before I started formatting my novels for Amazon.  One thing kept turning up.  The same phrase again and again from people.  At one point this phrase was even uttered to me:

“A .99 cent eBook means the author has no faith in the book.”

Well . . . that’s an interesting insight into the mind of the aspiring author.  To think that someone brave enough to put his or her heart out into the ether would have no faith in what they’re doing.  Personally, I find the sentiment rather cruel and belligerent to those that are trying to grab their personal brass ring.  You know what?  Screw the brass ring because this ring is pure gold.

So, why did I go the .99 cent route with my first novel?  Simple.  Contrary to my panic attacks, I do have…

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Meet the character: Margery Rose

Today I’m interviewing Margery Rose, a Slayer from the Montezuma Slayer pack.

Birthday: April 12th

Favorite movie: Ella Enchanted

Favorite food: Homemade Beef Stroganoff

Me: Hi Margery! So glad to have you here!

Margery: Thank you. I was very surprised when I got your invitation. I’ve never been interviewed before. I was a bit nervous to meet with you.

Me: Are you still nervous?

Margery: Oh no, you’re younger than I thought. I was expecting a cranky, old woman.

Me: *clears throat* Well, sorry for the misunderstanding. Let’s get on with the interview, shall we? There has been a few people that question Ness being the right candidate for Kenneth’s successor. Some even say you’d have made a better alpha.

Margery: I’m flattered! I didn’t know anyone had ever mentioned my name when discussing alphas. But really, I will not question Kenneth. He’s done too much for our pack. He’s protected us and lead us into many glorious battles. And if he believes in Nes’s abilities, I will not challenge him.

Me: Off the record, what do you think about Ness?

Margery: I cannot say I’m fond of her, but I will admit that I can sense her alpha potential.

Me: Alpha potential?

Margery: You didn’t think that an alpha just points to a random fifteen year old and says, “Yeah, I think she’ll be good.” Did you? That’s not how it works. Every alpha is born with alpha potential. Think of it as a ball of lava in their very soul. That lava has the power to control the pack. A slayer without that potential would make about as good an alpha as a crocodile would make a preschool teacher. Of course, that doesn’t stop slayers from being jealous or thinking they’d have made a better alpha. And in Ness’s case, she’s a late bloomer. One day she’s going to wake up and say, “I’m going to lead this pack today.”

Me: That being said, are you jealous that Ness was chosen?

Margery: *pauses* I once was. But I’m more mature now. I know that Kenneth picked her for a reason. Does this conclude our interview?

Me: Oh, yes, I suppose so. Thanks Margery.


Whew, that was interesting. Who else has a question for Margery Rose?   

Meet the character: Roger Vancouver

So this Monday morning, I met with Vanessa’s and Viviana’s father, Rodger. Although he’s not an alpha, he’s agreed to explain their role to us.

Birthday: January 16th

Favorite Movie TV Show: Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventure (and yes, he’s a Slayer, if you were wondering)  

Favorite Food: Five-alarm Chili


Me: Hello Mr. Vancouver. Thanks for coming by!

Rodger: Hello Briana, happy to help.

Me: So tell me what its like for your daughter to be an alpha. You’re obviously proud of her, but is it going to be awkward for your daughter to be giving the orders?

Roger: Of course I’m proud, but with such great responsibility comes danger. Being an alpha is ten times more dangerous than being just a Slayer. Wolves hate alphas, and if they get the chance, will kill them out of spite, sometimes not even during the full moon. Ness has never been a brave girl, and I’m very worried about her. Kenneth will protect her for as long as he can, but the day will come when she’ll be on her own, and part of me wonders if the the strain will break her. There have been stories of alpha who chose unwisely and their successor failed terribly.

Me: Are you saying Kenneth made a mistake of choose Vanessa?

Roger: *looks embarrassed* No, I didn’t mean that. But there are some who’ve mentioned it. There were two girls born the same year as Vanessa, and they’re both strong, dependent women, very capable of upholding pack law, as well as having the ability to kill wolves.     

Me: So my question is, do you regret that she was chosen to be an alpha?

Roger: *Long pause* Yes. She is such a frail girl. I’ve seen how hard it is on her to witness the death of a wolf. If only Kenneth would have chosen Margery or Kate, I could sleep soundly at night knowing my family and my pack is safe.

Me: You doubt her ability, but had you said as much to Kenneth?

Roger: I have. But Kenneth and I are not as close as we once were. He questions my judgement. We had a bit of a falling out years ago because I was a jealous, rebellious youth who’d dreamed of becoming an alpha, and instead, my friend was chosen. I though Kenneth was picked because his grandfather was an alpha. But I see now that I was just disappointed in myself and I lashed out at my friend.  

Me: Does that mean Kenneth hasn’t forgiven you?

Roger: Of course he’s forgiven me. He is my alpha; he cannot be cross with any member of his pack, nor can he show any favoritism, outside of his successors, that is. In a way, we are his children. *grimace* Although, I am two months his elder.

Me: Being a slayer is hard, isn’t it?

Roger: It is.

Me: Well, thank you for stopping by and elaborating for us.

Roger: Don’t mention it.


Okay then! Who else has a question for Roger?  

Author Interview Program #11

Today I had the opportunity to meet and interview a wonderful young lady, Ms. Kristen Mazzola. Please give her a warm welcome!
Where can we find you?

What is your author name? Or do you use a penname instead?

Kristen: My author name is Kristen Hope Mazzola.


What is the title of the book you’re currently writing?

Kristen: Crashing Back Down


What is the genre of your book?

Kristen: New Adult border lining on romance

What inspires you to write?

Kristen: Many things from my life are inspirations to me. The love I get from my friends and family, the times of tragedy that I have experienced and random moments in my life. It all boils down into my innate love for writing, it completely cleanses my soul and fulfills my life. 


Self-publish or traditional publishing, and why?

Kristen: I am leaning towards self-publishing. I feel that I will have more freedom to do with my writing what I feel is best. 


What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

Kristen: To all aspiring authors I would say to just write what is in you. To never think about it or try to plan, just let your pen start unraveling a wonderful, uncensored journey.  As authors I feel it is in our veins to take our readers into depths of themselves and ourselves in the rawest of fashions and just bleed.

Thank you Kristen!