When One Book Just Won’t Do

Important information if you want to write a book series. You should visit Charles’s blog to learn basically all you’ll ever need to know about writing and self-publishing your book.

Legends of Windemere

So, you’re writing your book and burning through your story like an author possessed by a word-obsessed demon.  You’re nearing the end of your manuscript with a twinkle in your eye that is just slightly brighter than the bit of anxious drool in the corner of your mouth.  Then you stop like somebody slapped you.  The story will end and the characters will no longer be at your fingertips.  You contemplate slowing down or not finishing the story.  Possibly a lifetime of edits can stave off the horror of completion.  Once this insanity passes, you come to the only logical conclusion:

You’re going to write a series.

Welcome to the major challenge of developing characters and extending a story beyond a single book.  It works differently in this world.  You can’t end with finality.  You need to end on a balance of closure and cliffhanger.  The adventure for this book…

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