Meet the Character: Louise (Meyer) Hayes

Hello everyone. I know, it has been awhile since my last character interview. But I been working very hard to find a character who has a little more patience than my last three interviewees, and I think i finally found her. Please meet Mrs. Louise Hayes, mother of Desiree Hayes.

Birthday: February 6th

Favorite Movie: Sound of Thunder

Favorite Food: Anything with pasta

Me: Hi Louise, how are you today?

Louise: I’m just wonderful, thank you for asking! And thank you for inviting me here today. Come now, don’t be shy! I don’t bite…humans, that is!

Me: Oh, oh yes! Hahaha! I wish you’d have taught your daughter not to bite.

Louise: *shakes head sadly* Ah yes, you’ll have to forgive my daughter. She’d dealt with many hardships in her young life.  

Me: Hardships?

Louise: Her father died when she was young and she was in a very rough relationship.

Me: Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know—

Louise: Not many people know. After the breakup, Desiree became very distant. She has a close circle of friends and doesn’t venture out often to meet new people. The only person she’s made any attempts to be friend with in the last four years is Viviana Vancouver, my trainee. Other than that, she’s stuck like glue to Margery and Kate.

Me: She thinks very highly of you, too.

Louise: Yes, that’s true. She’s idolized me, I’m afraid. And she’ll be content with nothing less than being like me. For some reason she seems me as a pillar of strength and bravery.

Me: Some say she’d have been a good alpha.

Louise: Ah, that would have made me so proud! But Desiree isn’t alpha material. She lets her heart rule her emotions. She doesn’t think clearly at times. She’s judgmental and has a sharp tongue. Kenneth and I grew up together. He was a year older than I was, but I always knew that no one would have made a better alpha. Not Rodger Vancouver and surly not me. his sisters, Jana and Missy, were the sweetest, pretties girls in the whole pack, and Kenneth was the smartest, most handsome boy I’d ever met.

Me: Do I hear a hint of jealousy, Louise?

Louise: *blushes* Of course not. I’ve never been vain of my looks. But if only you could have seen them: when the three of them walked down the hallways at school, it was if a god and a pair of goddesses had stepped right out of heaven. Their very aura glowed and rang with power. They were unstoppable.

Me: Do you see the same thing when you look at Vanessa and her brothers?

Louise: *laughs* I’ve never seen a trio of more mismatched alphas in my entire life! There is nothing uniform about those three! Ness is a wisp of a girl with a shock of strawberry blonde hair, Johnny is lean and high headed, and Dustin is a burly teddy bear! There is something missing to them. Perhaps it is because Vanessa waited so long to join the boys. If she’d made the decision sooner, perhaps they’d have grown together in beauty and power.

Me: Is being an alpha about looks?

Louise: Of course not, my dear! And alpha is all about heart!

Me: But you said Desiree wouldn’t be a good alpha because her heart rules her.

Louise: Yes, her heart rules her. And alpha rules with their heart, it is hard to understand for a human, no offense. Don’t think too hard about it, dear. Now, it’s bed time. you need your rest.   

Me: Thank you very much Louise! I hope I’ll have a chance to talk to you again!    


Finally! A sweet Slayer to talk to! Does anyone have a question for Louise?       



12 thoughts on “Meet the Character: Louise (Meyer) Hayes

  1. I’m lost on the growing up in power and beauty part with Ness and her brothers. It sounds like they’re each different with strengths and weaknesses that compliment each other. Do alphas typically act similar to each other?

    • Dear Charles,
      Yes, alphas are most always alike. They think alike and look very similar (but not like triplets). Whereas Ness and her brothers do not match. Their skills and weaknesses might work well together, but all the alphas of the past have the same skills and faults, making them more of a single unit. Ness and her brothers are individuals. They almost don’t seem to belong. Only time will tell, of course.
      Thank you for your questions, sir!

    • I suppose I must agree with you. But I have a feeling that there is more to come. The missing link will show itself soon enough, I just hope it happens before the pack falls to ruin. Thank you again Mr. Yallowitz!

  2. I love her! Well Done!
    First of all I have to say that I’ll try as soon as I can to catch up with the other interviews, I’m too curious now!
    Secondly that I agree with Louise about pasta! I love that too!!!
    And also I have to say well done for the ”her heart rules her. And alpha rules with their heart, it is hard to understand for a human” part…it seems in a way very Japanese thing!
    My question is: considering that you admit that bad experiences makes you change, even completely, do you think it could ever happen to you to stop being a slayer and go to the other side? If so, what should happen to direct you in that way!?

    • Thank you Franny! That is very sweet of you! And I’m glad you’re curious! That means I’ve done my job well! lol
      Louise here: Ah yes, pasta is simply the best food ever!
      And the heart is a big part of being an alpha. Each alpha is chosen because of their heart. It is rather hard to explain to a human, and I’m glad you could understand that!
      I’ve been through much more than my daughter has, and I’m sure that the trauma and hardships I’ve been through has molded me into the woman I am today, but nothing could ever make me be anything other than a slayer: I’ve lost two husbands, a daughter, and my only sister, and my four sons ran away, not even the death of my dear Desiree could make me turn against my people.
      Being a Slayer is all I’ve ever known, and I’ll die before I become anything different. Thank you for your questions, my dear!

    • Well my dear, I don’t know of any weaknesses, but my one strength lies in my head. I’ve always been a fast thinker, and that’s got me out of a lot of sticky situations.

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