Facebook vs. Twitter

Okay, I want to know what the point of Twitter is. I totally get Facebook. On Facebook you can chat, play games, and follow (or like) other people. You can have an Author Page and advertise your business, too.

Twitter just annoys me. Okay, so I have 42 Followers and I’m following 61 people, but it still annoys me. People are so pushy on Twitter! Almost every single time anyone has direct-messaged me, they are telling me that I need to visit their site, buy their book, etc. What is wrong with “Hi! Hello! What’s going on in your part of the world today?”  What is wrong with being friendly?

I just don’t understand. Grrr… 


34 thoughts on “Facebook vs. Twitter

  1. Direct messages are basically spam. I might have reacted to one. Mostly, Twitter can be used for a quick message that sends people to a site, advertises, says something inane, or whatever you can get into 140 characters. Retweeting is kind of useful.

    For websites, here is a site that can turn long links into tiny urls. This helps make more space for typing. Make sure to save the tiny versions in a file, so you don’t have to do it every time:


  2. I’d unfollow those people if they’re bothering you and/or not giving you anything worthwhile.

    I don’t usually use Twitter much, but I’ll post something every once in a while that pops into my head and I think other people might find amusing, and I’ve had a few conversations with other writer-bloggers. It’s fun. I don’t think it should be used solely for self-promotion. If I follow someone, I want to be entertained or informed, not sold to. If people can do that, I might follow them back to their blog or website and learn about what they ARE selling. Good times. 🙂

    • I’m following several of my friends from here on wordpress, but for the most part, Twitter isn’t something I use very often.
      I prefer to e-mail or chat. There’s no limit on the amount of words and spaces that route. Which is good ’cause I love to talk. (Like you didn’t already know that, right? 🙂

  3. I don’t know. I used to have a facebook account but I closed it. I don’t even remember how to get onto my Twitter. I used it for an hour. Hahaha! The blog better suits me.

  4. I like to use Twitter as more of a professional social media than personal (although I do like having my personality show through Twitter). Basically I think a great use is to tell your followers about interesting articles, people or things relevant to your goal or passion. Having some personal tweets now and then help show your personality. It’s a great thing to have for writers because having a following is always a great plus when someone is looking at publishing your book (so I have been told by several professors).

  5. I’m on Twitter but find it to be annoying as well..most of the people I follow are celebrities (pathetic I know), and it’s all ‘hey watch my movie’ or retweets from their followers I’m not interested in…I feel your pain.

  6. To me, Twitter is useless unless you have a decent amount of followers that are actually active. It is useful if you are famous, as you can let people know where you are (sort of) or what you are doing. You may not go into full detail, but you can say what city or country you are in. Let’s say you are a famous musician going on a national tour, and one week you visit Detroit, Michigan. In a tweet you can say something like, “Thank you Michigan for coming to my show!”
    In other ways you can advertise your latest book or album that you just released. You can tell people how much time is left until the book or album comes out, and when you finally say it is out, people who follow you can go buy the book or album as quickly as they possibly can. It’s just a quick way of advertising and telling people about certain things. It’s not really much of a personal social media website, where you tell people – in the simplest way as possible – where you are, what you are doing, and what’s up with the third book in your five-book series.

    • That is a very good way to describe Twitter, Ryan.
      I know it can be a helpful site, especially on the news you always here how important stuff is being ‘tweeted’. I just feel that it is so impersonal.
      that it is so impersonal.

  7. I think it all depends on what you want people to know about you and your work. I tweet about all of my blog posts and I retweet fellow bloggers/ followers who I have interaction with, especially if they are promoting their work. Hopefully your audience will start to build as they pull in new people who become aware of you. If you want to build interest from around the world think about sending tweets at different times of the day. Were do you want these people to look for you? Always put a link to that place, for instance your blog, in the tweet, then when you check out your site stats you can see what route the visitors came through. It’s all a huge learning curve!

    • I just have my blog connected to Twitter, so that is the only new things I ‘tweet’ about.
      Hopefully in time I’ll be able to understand it more and be able to take advantage of the helpful tool it really is. Thank you Rosie!

  8. Maybe you were just unlucky! I mean there are loads of rude people out there! I was told to use twitter because a lot of publishers are around and look for new writers…I don’t know if it’s true or not, still! And again I end up to use facebook more as well…

  9. I’m in the Twitter camp, basically because I don’t use Facebook as a personal account and my author page has just not taken off. On Twitter I have built a professional profile and I tweet about random things as well as linking all my blog posts to it. The DM’s that you refer to are largely set up by automated programmes which will send you a message everytime you follow someone. I just ignore these. I have made a couple of useful friends on Twitter who have supported me on my journey and I find it a great tool for linking to blogs from other writers whose work I admire. Facebook on the other hand… well that just doesn’t work for me at all. Interesting how we all enjoy and benefit from different media. 🙂

    • That is good to know! Thank you so much for letting me know about those automated DMs! And I know what you mean about the facebook page not taking off. I’m rarely on twitter, but I’ve got four times more followers than on facebook.
      Thank you very much and have a great day!

  10. I use Facebook for personal connections over long distances. I use Twitter as a way to quickly connect with a large amount of people. It takes a while to build a decent twitter base – mine is mostly people who have followed me back. However, you can build relationships by commenting on a tweet, looking up a topic related to your blog and commenting on those tweets. It’s about interaction and saying hello quickly.

    • Very true. From all my followers on wordpress who have commented on this post, Twitter has began to make more sense to me. So thank you L. Palmer, for your helpful comment!

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