My New Schedule

Okay, here is the schedule I promised everybody!


Weekly goals:

Two chapters rewritten in my werewolf book

Four new posts on my blog

Limit my e-mail, facebook, and twitter time to half an hour in the morning and unlimited time in the evening after I’ve completed my daily goals.

Take the weekend off. Completely off. No computer work whatsoever. (Except checking my email and the blog for new comments, likes, and that kind of stuff in the evenings.)


So for this week my daily goals are as follows:


1. Get to chapter three in Here with the Wolves

2. Make it to page 200 in my friend’s book

3. Three more new blog posts


I figure that if I get this all done by the end of the week (Friday) I’ll be happy. And if I find that I can do the editing/rewrites faster than two chapters in a week, maybe I’ll bump it up to three chapters.


Goal for today: Get off of WordPress and actually start doing some rewriting!!!

21 thoughts on “My New Schedule

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  2. 🙂 These sound manageable. It works best for me just to open my word and jump in writing w/o logging onto internet. I usually try to do that over a morning coffee before I’ve spoken to anyone – including my husband. That works and my mind is fresh from slumber and – maybe – I remember a dream.
    Good luck with this!

      • ohhhh!!! you’re still here! rofl.
        that sounds calming – feeding the lambs. it probably isn’t calming but it sounds calming! early would n ot be calming for me!

  3. I really love this… been thinking of posting my goals weekly on Saturdays for the following week… it is that whole accountable thing, now after seeing this, yup… I think I needs must start a weekly “goal posting” **grins** thanks for sharing!!!

  4. It sounds nice Briana! Exactly what I was trying to do with my kick my butt challenge! I guess I have to aim to something more human like you did! And good luck, you’re going to make it!

  5. This reflects an internal conversation that I have almost daily! I can spend hours trying to keep up with all the social media and then find that I get to the end of the day and haven’t written one word. A schedule for me is definitely the way to go and really like the suggestion that you open Word before anything else. I think I will implement that one!! Great post and blog. Good luck with your goals.:-)

    • Thank you very much!
      Schedules and goals and lists are great, but I have a hard time making myself follow-through with them. I’m already behind this week in my edititng. I think I’m only half-way through the first chapter. 😦
      Hopefully I’ll be able to make it up today and tomorrow!

    • Thank you, but I haven’t been very good at sticking to that schedule. I’m already behind in my editing. But that’s okay, becasue I just found out that today is Wednesday, not Thursday! 🙂

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