What a beautiful day!

I woke up this morning inspired and energized. The rain for the last few days has been a glorious gift. The sun is shining through the clouds and it isn’t windy at all. The air is fresh and clean, and for some strange reason, I’m happy!

Today is House Cleaning Day. My aunt, uncle, and grandmother are coming down for the weekend, so there is lots of work to be done, but I slipped away for a few moments to write this post.

It is Wednesday (thank goodness! I’ve been thinking it was Thursday and my work week was almost over!) and I plan on tackling my manuscript this evening and hopefully getting done with chapter two. I was talking to my sister about the difference of rewriting a manuscript to editing it and the time difference that each job requires.

To start with, writing the manuscript can take forever. Then comes the rewrites, which also takes awhile and is not my favorite part, but oh well! And then the final editing stage, which really doesn’t take too much time once you set your mind to the task at hand. I’m really looking forward to getting past the rewrite stage and on to the editing part, because then I’m almost done! 🙂

But there is one thing I forgot to add to my schedule: editing my book, Me and Billy the Kid. It is May, so my editors should be in touch any day now. And at the end of the month, I’ll be working with my cover artists, and then in June will be formatting and layout. That is going to take up a big chunk of time, so Here with the Wolves might go onto the back burner for a month or two.

And sometimes this month the water will be turned on and irrigating will begin. There is also branding coming up, hauling the cows to the mountain, horseback riding (not my favorite at all), and the rest of my summer jobs.

But even with all that on my plate, I’m unnaturally happy. I don’t know why, and I’m not looking this gift horse in the mouth. So thank you to everyone for making the first part of my week a great one, and here’s to hoping the week will end on a happy note, as well! Cheers!


6 thoughts on “What a beautiful day!

  1. You deserve to have a wonderful day. The same thing with Nevada. The sun is finally shining after a few days or much need and appreciated rain. I’m looking forward to seeing the new book when it comes out. You are always so inspiring Briana. So lucky to know you.

    • That is so wonderful! I was talking to a friend from Nepal and she just got some rain too, so it seems like the whole world was showered the last few days!
      Thank you Ionia. I hope you have a truly beautiful day.

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