I did it!

I completed my goals for this week!

I got to page 232 in that book I’m reading

Made it all the way to chapter 5 in Here with the Wolves

And so far have put up 4 new posts!

I did it! With a day to spare even! And I’m sure I can manage to stay off the computer this weekend, so I can check off the rest of my list with sheer pleasure. I stayed on schedule and got more done than I’d hoped for! Yah!

Thank you to everybody for your tips and help along the way! I can’t wait to see what I get done next week!

Seriously though, I can wait for next week. I’m ready to take a break and relax. Wait, did I say relax? I have to finish installing the rest of my flooring, build a movable shelter for the lambs and goats, take the stakes out of the siderolls, and start working up ground for my garden… Hmm, well, I’ll just bask in the glow of my accomplishments for another minute or so, than I’m going to bed. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I’m in for a lot of work.

*fingers crossed, hoping that the rain keeps on coming*



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