Don’t change Merida

Sign the petition here to keep Merida from the Disney-Pixar movie looking just the way she was: wild, happy, and brave! I don’t want to see her changed into another Disney princess like Cinderella! I loved that Merida was different and someone I could relate to! Send the right message to our girls: you don’t have to be beautiful: you just need to be yourself!



24 thoughts on “Don’t change Merida

  1. I saw that, it’s like when they changed Dora the Explorer all those years ago, yes they grew her up some, but they made her just like every other media female. Merida is just fine the way she is!

  2. I signed too! For crying out loud! Why did they get the idea to change her in the first place??? No wonder many girls have eating disorders! The pressure to look a certain way comes from decisions like this.

    • I am so glad!
      And I agree! Why would Disney even try to do this? Don’t they realize that many girls idolize the Disney princesses? What is wrong with a few extra pounds and not being polished and gorgeous? She is a just teenager, and is watched by millions of teenagers, for the love of Pete!

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