Author Interview Program #18

I recently met a very nice lady by the name of Jade Reyner. She’s an author, and has a very interesting book series she’s working on. If you’re not already following her, you should stop by her blog and say “Hello!”

1. Where can we find you?
Jade’s Jungle (blogsite)
Twitter – @twelvedaysjade
Facebook –
I’m also on Goodreads and have an author page on Amazon – just search for Jade Reyner.

2. What is your author name and is it a pen name?
My author name is Jade Reyner and yes, it’s a pen name. I am trying to keep my author persona separate.

3. What is the title of the book you’re currently working on?
Twelve Days – The Future. It is the sequel to my first novel Twelve Days – The Beginning.

4. What is the genre of your book?
I am kind of cross genre with this one – in essence it is a romance and as such is pretty racy, although it has a thriller element to it as well.

5. 3-4 sentence synopsis of your book.
I’ll do Twelve Days – The Beginning as that is the one that is published at the moment.
“Twelve Days – The Beginning is an emotional rollercoaster of a book which covers the life of the main character, Elise Grayson, over the period of Twelve Days. The Twelve Days start when she unexpectedly meets Vaughn Granger and in that short space of time, he has an impact on her life that she has absolutely no control over and ultimately, a life changing decision has to be made. During that time friends become enemies, addiction and betrayal form part of everyday life and all that Elise knew and believed to be true is questioned. Twelve Days – The Beginning is dark and emotional in parts, and covers sensitive issues, but has a beautiful and enduring love story at the heart of it which pulls readers in and enables them to identify with Elise and her struggles as she tries to navigate her way through the turmoil that her life has become. There is also a beautiful cast of supporting characters, two of which will have their own book as part of the series.”

6. What inspires you to write?

Put simply – my life and the world around me. I have always been a reader and knew that I wanted to write a novel one day but never thought that I would achieve it. Eventually I got to a point in my life where I was happy and settled and this enabled me to reflect on my past, and by relating this to the present and my observations of life and people, I have been able to build characters and storylines which I hope are both believable and relevant.
I also have to say that if it weren’t for the support of my family, there is no way that I would have written one page, let alone 40 + chapters and it is to them, that I will always be indebted.

7. Self published or Traditional? Why?
I have chosen the self publishing route basically because I am impatient. Once I had the book written I just wanted to see it out there and so the quickest way to do that was to self publish. As have many writers, I have read tons of material on the pros and cons of both routes and I do think that it is down to personal choice. As my journey is developing there is no way that self publishing is the easy option, and whilst it enables you to get your book out there quickly, you have to do everything else on your own which is extremely hard work.
If I had the courage to approach a publisher and deal with the rejections (I am essentially a coward!), then I would never rule out the traditional route. There is a lot to be said for both.

8. What advice would you give an aspiring author?
Gosh. This is a tough one as I still consider myself to be ‘aspiring’. I can’t really comment in terms of success and publication as it is so early in this journey for me, but what I would say is that if you have an idea, then don’t shy away from it. Get it down in whatever format suits you and don’t pressure yourself or compare yourself to others. We are all different, and at times it’s hard not to reflect on what other’s are achieving but I really believe that we have to write because we want to write and if you don’t have that desire, then you may be chasing an impossible dream. It’s certainly not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a labour of love, and you can only really write believable words, if you have the love and desire yourself. Wow – that sounded profound!

9. Anything else you’d like to say to your audience?
Well, just thank you for taking the time to read really. Please feel free to stop by my blog where you can find Chapter One of Twelve Days – The Beginning to read absolutely free. I welcome all feedback and so please, email me or contact me via the blog to let me know your thoughts.

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    Shameless self-promotion I know, but it’s my first proper Author interview so it had to be done!! Don’t forget to check out Briana’s blog and give her your support. Thanks and enjoy! 🙂

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