Billy the Kid

Anyone ever seen a picture of Billy the Kid? Well, for today’s Billy-related article, I’ve included the only known photo of him. (Credit of Wikipedia)


And now for the fun part! I’m adding a poll to test your knowledge. I’ll post the correct answer to the question next week.

5 thoughts on “Billy the Kid

  1. I’m torn between the two Williams. Flipped a coin. It’s interesting how there’s only one photograph of Billy the Kid, yet he has such a big reputation. Where did he get the nickname from?

    • There are two other photographs that are rumored to be of Billy, but its never been proven. Billy got the nickname ‘Kid’ because he had smooth, child-like facial features. (He was an outlaw all through his teen years and was only 21 when he died, so he basically was just a ‘kid’.)
      Do keep in mind, when pictures were taken during his time, it could take up to three minutes for the picture to actually take, so people had to stand still a l-o-n-g time, usually, attached to a brace to minimize their movement, so this picture really doesn’t do Billy justice. 😉

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