Writing Prompt

What is one thing that has inspired your writing recently? A picture, a song, a movie, something that happened to you, someone you met?


10 thoughts on “Writing Prompt

  1. I’ve recently immersed myself in the world that is Doctor Who, starting with the revamped series with occasional dips into the classic series. The story arcs in the 11th Doctor’s tenure have been fantastic and have inspired the idea of causality and how to impart just enough clues to the characters (and the reader) but not give any secrets away so that the Big Reveal is surprising (yet shouldn’t be if all the clues are pieced together and looked at from a “certain point of view”).

    • That is very interesting! I’ve never seen Doctor Who, but from what I’ve heard here on WordPress, he’s a big source of inspiration for lots of authors. Thanks for stopping by, J. Lau! πŸ™‚

  2. Dr Who is cool – particularly the 10th Dr….ahem…on to the original question…my most recent inspiration came from watching a DVD box set but oddly it wasn’t the characters or the stories, it was just random images, dialogue or scenes and so forth that gave me opening words to poems on a whole array of topics, none remotely like the story of the series at all…so a sort of free form association. πŸ™‚

  3. I have been listening to George Winston’s Montana. I d/l it to my Amazon cloud player – which I just adore…not as much as the Montana CD. I like no words to my music – that way I can add my feeling words, which change daily.

    • Very nice! I, too, like music with no words. It also helps me if I listen to music I played whilst writing inspiration hit, (like you Montana CD). Thanks Ellespeth! πŸ™‚

  4. A video game soundtrack actually was a huge inspiration for my current novel. The game Skyrim has a beautiful soundtrack that caught me in my tracks. It’s very beautiful orchestrated and I always listen to it when writing my novel.

    • Awesome! Seems like there are many people who take inspiration from video games and/or their music. Personally, I like soundtrack to Disney movies like Brave, Tarzan, and Tangled. Thanks Joanna!

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