What my editor said…

Here’s a quick update on my book, Me And Billy the Kid. Here’s what my editor had to say about the whole:

The story is very interesting as it involves real life stories or certain infamous people in history. The story itself can ignite an interest in the history of the situations that you wrote in the book. I believe you were able to accomplish your goal of making the readers think this story is true as I, myself, was lead to doubting the written history and in believing that what you wrote in this manuscript is the real deal. The happenings and the people involved were so smoothly meshed that if a reader who doesn’t know anything about the Battle of Lincoln could natural believe this as the behind-the-scenes story. The characters are all authentic and coincides with those stated in history, so too with events and the actions. I commend you for writing a very amusing and interesting book. The text is short and so easy to read that it becomes page turning.”

How cool is that? I’m VERY happy with this. Especially since it came from an editor. I have a lot more confidence in my writing abilities now!!!


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