Tragedy Strikes Again

Why is it that the days you wake up and think to yourself, “Today is going to be a really great day!” why do those days always seem to take a turn for the worse? Have you just jinxed yourself by mentally declaring the day will be just perfect?


That’s what happened today. And then came the sorrow. My beautiful kitty, fondly named Butter Ball, died.

You know how when you’re children and you lose a pet, and your parents tell you it ran away? Then you have a hope, a very vain hope, that it will return? Maybe you even had your parents ‘mail’ it a letter, begging it to come back. But it never did. I’m not sure when you graduate from the ‘Fluffy ran away’ stage to the ‘your dog died’ stage, but it is a very painful graduation.

I’ve had lots of animals who really did run away. (I’m serious.) I was sad, but there was still a part of me who believed it was alive and might return to me one day. But then there are the times that you know your beloved pet is gone forever. Standing above Butter Ball’s grave, that was the feeling I had today.

It was about two months ago when one of my lambs died. It was a horrible time for my siblings and I, and I just didn’t have the heart to write about dear little Molasses. I wasn’t sure what to say about the little black creature I’d owned for less than two weeks. But I feel I own it to Butter Ball to dedicate this post to her lasting memory, for I was present at her birthing two years ago, and was only yards away when she met her untimely death this afternoon.

Butter Ball was a sweet little brown and black tabby cat. She had a soft little beseeching meow I could recognize instantly. She was timid and light as a feather, and had a purr that could warm you to your heart. When she was a kitten, we’d planned to give her to my grandmother, but the day before she was to leave, I broke down in tears, begging to be allowed to keep her. I wonder now, was that a mistake? Would she still be alive and safe had Grandma taken her? I don’t know.

I do believe she is in Heaven right now with her mother, Cleo, and countless other cats and dogs I’ve given my love to.

So to all you parents out there, if you’re daughter’s hamster dies, or your son’s puppy, tell them that the animal ran away. I know some people feel bad about lying to their kids, but in this instance, you really are doing them a favor. I promise.



25 thoughts on “Tragedy Strikes Again

  1. Very sorry for your loss. Often people who don’t have pets don’t understand how hard it can be. Hugs from me. xx
    And it’s a lovely pic of the little kitty. xx

  2. I’m so sorry for the lose of your friend. Sadly, I know how hard this can be and you are right, when the kids are little I would also suggest that a little white lie about the fate of their pets is perfectly okay. Be strong.

  3. Very sorry to hear about this, Briana. As a lifelong animal lover, I know how hard this hurts. I am sure Butter Ball is in heaven, too. Animals touch us in very special ways. –Mike

  4. I’m sorry for your loss Briana. I know the feeling. My mum had the great idea to call me in work telling me that my dog died. I cried in front of the customers all day long. I understand it is painful, but I don’t agree on telling a lie to your kids. I don’t agree not only because I hate lies but also because you need to learn to get over the grief, but if you’re left in doubt you’re going to suffer basically forever if you are a kid full of hope!

    • Thank you for your kind words Franny. I am also sorry for your loss. Just at a young age, I know it hurts when you lose your pet, but it seems like the pain leaves quickly. And a new dog will always solve the problem. I also hate lies, and I do not have any children, so I don’t know how I would handle the situation. I do understand and respect your decision, though. Thanks for giving me another view on this subject.

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