Author Interview: Briana Vedsted

Check out my interview on Amanda’s awesome blog!

One Lyric at a Time

Let’s welcome the first interviewer Briana Vedsted:

1. What is your pen name if you have one? Please state your medium (i.e. author,

poet,artist, painter, musician, you get the point…)

I do not use a pen name because I want people to know that I’m an author.

2. Are you published? If so please tell us about your book(s). (do you have an album, or you art work in a book or displayed if so where?)

My book, Me and Billy the Kid, is currently being published. Shooting for a November release date.

3. If you are not published please tell us when you plan to be, if you are going to self-publish or look into traditional publishing.

 I am currently working with a publisher who is something like a vanity press, where the author foots part of the publication bill. (I cover the marketing…

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