What would you do to make me stay?

The whiskey is talking.
Tis’ no more than the usual nightly rant.
You say that you love me,
I say that you can’t.

I say make your choice: that bottle or me.
But if you loved me, truly loved me, you would not have to choose.
You’d toss out the bottle and I’d be yours.
What is there for you to lose?

It is not that easy.
There is more than that, you say.
I can’t expect you just to give up and quit such a habit.
You will rue this day.

I pack my bags; take my coffee cup and my cat.
You want me to stay.
You say that you want me. You need me. You love me.
My love for you is too strong. I cannot stay here and watch you drink your life away.

Goodbye my love.
I wish you the best.
I climb into my car. I watch you. I wait for you.
But you turn around. You failed the test.

You don’t love me. You never have.
The whiskey holds your heart in its deathly black fingers.
I’ve been washed away in a tide of amber.
My memory will not even linger.

21 thoughts on “What would you do to make me stay?

      • Good to hear that.

        Then maybe you are open to some critique I would have otherwise spared it for later.

        You should rethink the cover of your first book. It doesn’t look very appealing, at least for me.

        The title for example is difficult to read. It doesn’t stand out from the picture underneath.

        The picture itself isn’t very attention grabbing either. Make it darker, leave only some light in the center and blend it out to the edges. Leaving a black area at the top, for the title in red/yellow/white letters. Or something. Someone standing (turned away) or running in the wood might be a good idea either.

        But I haven’t read the book (yet), so the message might be wrong.

      • Actually I was talking about THE NIGHT I WALKED OFF OF BOOT HILL. The cover of your new book, is not so bad. But I like the remake more than the original, nevertheless.

      • Grrr! I am such a bonehead!

        Okay, that one! Hmm, all right, well, I can’t do anything with that right now because I’ve got a dozen paperback copies on hand, but after I get those sold, I’ll look into revising the cover. Thanks again for your suggestions! I hope you’re having an awesome day! 🙂

      • Let me know if I can draft something. I have no experience yet, but maybe I can come up with something nice.

        I will have read it til then.

        Hope your day is awesome as well.

      • I will do it just for fun. No payment required. I’m not sure if something comes out, that is worth being payed for, so don’t feel bothered.

        I will let you know what I think about it. It’s not my favorite genre, but I will give my best to keep my mind open.

      • Thanks Dirk! I appreciate it! That is really weird that you offered to do this, because I was up until twelve last night trying to find a budget friendly cover artist for my newest book (they are coming out of the woodwork at present, and that’s because I don’t have time to write! LOL) and was not able to find what I was looking for.

        And I know western is an iffy genre for most. I’m writing for a niche market, and it seems like people are either going to love it or hate it. So I thank you for keeping an open mind.

      • I feel a little bit guilty. I hope you don’t take my review too serious. It’s not that I meant to discourage you. I like you writing a lot. I like the basic idea of your book. And I will read more from you soon. Seriously.

        I even didn’t fall in the categories you have experienced so far: “Love it/ Hate it”. Maybe it’s just the screwed me or the despair of having destroyed my computer.

        But nevertheless as soon as I’m able to be fully productive again I will work on the cover. I’m really excited.

        By the way: Have you ever thought about a translation? Say in German?

      • Hi Dirk, actually, I didn’t even know you had posted your review yet! LOL! And of course, I understand where you’re coming from and I’m glad you gave your honest opinion. Sorry to hear about your computer, that’s too bad! And I really loved how you described the cover. Like I said before, I’m no artist, so my photography ‘skills’ was the best I could do. 😉
        And no, I haven’t thought about doing translations. I’m not even sure where to begin. I like the idea, though.

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