One more new cover…maybe

Okay dear friends. I have changed my cover yet again. Dirk has pointed out that my cover really didn’t stand out. Well, I do love my cover image, but I’ve changed the setup. Also, Victoria thought I needed a new subtitle, one that sounded more like fiction and less like a memoir. I stuck with a soft color palate, so let me know what you think!



27 thoughts on “One more new cover…maybe

  1. I like the structure and set-up. *hides behind locked door* What about using different pictures for the top and bottom one? The picture is great, but it looks a little odd with the same picture used three times.

  2. Oh, and I understand the different parts of that photo being in the pic – is the picture big enough that you can focus more on a different element in each one – such as a cloud or a tree?

    I know how difficult computer design software can be, so the cover as it is looks lovely!

  3. Looks good. A little hard to read the back due to the two shadow boxes under the text, but overall I like it. Looks like a good book to recommend to my cowgirl sisters (all three of them). Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    • Thank you sir!
      Do you think it would help if I changed the font color? I could also change the color of the pale green box if that would help.
      Oh, that would be awesome!
      And it was my pleasure! You book sounds fantastic. I have a whole list of books on my to-buy-and-review list, and yours is most surly getting put on there!

  4. I really like the colors, Briana. This is sorta like watching you crochet a baby blanket for the book you’re about ready to send into the world…

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