Author of the Week

Some special little lady named me author of the week! I am so honored!

readful things blog


Rural 096

This week’s author of the week is very special to me. She is one of the most hardworking, talented and kind individuals you will ever hope to meet. I stopped thinking of her as simply another blogger or a friend right away and have come to think of her as the perfect little sister.


She writes a variety of things, including novels about the old west, paranormal novels and poetry. She always has a kind word for her fellow blogger. She is also a lot of fun to have a conversation with. If you have not come to know her as of yet, please take an opportunity to do so now.

Briana Vedsted


Go give her blog a look and tell her I want another shipment of squirrel flowers. These ones are starting to wilt.


Check out her books right HERE\

You will be happy…

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