Book Review–The Night I Walked off of Boot Hill

5 Stars
This is an interesting and unusual fictional tale of an outlaw in the Arizona Territory in 1889. At the beginning of the story Barbados Tom, as the outlaw is known, is confused as to whether or not he’s alive. He believes he’s been executed by the authorities for his murderous activities, but the world around him looks exactly the same as it ever did. So is he alive or not? He struggles to find out and on his travels he comes across a teenager called Jim McDougall who he decides to help. As the story progresses and he helps Jim to begin to make something of his life, Tom endeavours to make amends for his past actions, sometimes painfully as he remembers who he was and what he’d done.

I really enjoyed this book, partly because the way the story was told was so unusual, being told from the point of view of someone who may or may not be a ghost. I liked how the author kept the reader guessing about who exactly Tom is and what he’d done to deserve execution. It was clever how she, the author, didn’t give much away as to whether or not Tom is alive – even he doesn’t know. The story kept me reading on; I was keen to know the answers to my questions about Tom. A great story from a promising new author.

A great big thank you to the wonderful Ms. Elaine Jeremiah for this awesome review! 🙂

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