Guest Post: D and Billy the Kid

My guest post from the D/A Dialogues.

The D/A Dialogues

While A is away, the blog still gets to play. Please welcome Briana Vested from When I Became an Author.

D is decked out in all the western finery he could rustle up from his imagination. He’s nearly drowning in fringe and spurs, and he looks a bit like Will Rogers. He looks so pleased with himself however, so it’s hard to be annoyed at the stereotype.

D: Briana! I’m so pleased to see you! A finally let me out of the cage she calls her mind, and I’ve been enjoying the diversity. Please sit and chat with me a while. Tell me of the old west – I wish to see it from your eyes.

Briana: Well hello D! How nice to see you, too! I see you dressed for the occasion, so I’m glad I decided to bring along a friend. D, please meet Billy the Kid…

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