What an awesome new cover!

Wow! I have a new cover for my book, The Night I Walked off of Boot Hill! Can you believe it? Dirk Porsche from over at http://shiggyenterprises.wordpress.com/ really, really hated my old cover. So do you know what he did? He made me a new one! It is so beautiful, in an eerie, dark sort of way. I love it. I never would have guessed I’d meet such a talented artist here on wordpress who would do this for me. And apparently, he had a lot of fun doing my cover.

So, what do you think? Is it better than the other cover?



31 thoughts on “What an awesome new cover!

  1. Thank you all. But I just realized, that I have chosen the wrong dimensions.

    @Briana: What is the exactly format of your book? I will fix it, and if you give me the Blurb and About the Author stuff, I will make a complete one. It will take me a few days though.

    • Hi Dirk, I just updated the cover, since ‘covercreator’ wouldn’t accept it. I’ll email you a picture and see what you think. I’ll also include the blurb and ‘about the author’

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