A Different Kind of Book Review: The Night I Walked Off of Boot Hill by Briana Vedsted

Who would have thought to write a review like it was part of a story? No one other than the lovely Marie Ann Bailey!


I’m currently participating in Camp NaNoWriMo but have been negligent with working on my novel.  I also owe a number of book reviews.  So I thought, why not try to do both?  Work on my novel and a book review at the same time.  Granted, this is not the kind of book review I would post to Amazon or Goodreads.  I’ll have to snip away the dialogue and narrative for that, but those reviews will be posted.  Many thanks to Briana Vedsted for her patience and her talent in storytelling.

An excerpt from WIP:  The Widow’s Club:  Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Melissa sought to distract Tupper by telling him about a novella she had read.  It was The Night I Walked Off of Boot Hill by Briana Vedsted.  She had noticed a stack of worn paperback books in the cabin, at the foot of the cot, most with pictures of…

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