Book Review – A Girl Named Cord

Ooo, one of my beta readers loved my book! Thanks Ellespeth!!!

Views From A Poet

Oh! I have just had the total honor to read a pre-release of the novel A Girl Named Cord by Briana C. Vedsted. Before I was introduced to Briana’s books, it had been a long time since I’d read anything written for young adults.

I would like to begin my review by saying that I am not a fan of Westerns…I am merely a poet and the daughter of a man who adored – somewhat secretly – Western novels. One can never be sure what creates attraction. The important thing is that I was immediately attracted and fully led into the story woven by Ms. Vedsted.

I left this novel with very clear images of its characters. Jake and Ghost, the seemingly shadow cousins; Cord, the young woman coming of age during a difficult time in her own life and, I believe, historically.

Under the umbrella of adventure and romance…

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