What do you want from your characters?

What do you like about main characters? Do you connect with them better if they have the same personality as you (i.e. shy, smart, funny, etc.)?
What MUST a character be in order to seem real? Do you like a faultless character or one that goofs up at times and isn’t ashamed to admit it?


19 thoughts on “What do you want from your characters?

  1. I really can’t answer the polls. It depends on how they’re written. I like my heroes to be flawed in a believable way. Doubt, arrogance, greed, and other negatives make a hero seem more human. It also gives them a flaw to work toward getting over.

    • That’s very true. If the story calls for a hot-tempered male lead, don’t give my Mr. Wimpy and expect him to take out the army of zombies unscathed like he’s Superman’s puny cousin. LOL!

  2. Hi Briana, I leave a comment because there is no option I want to use! To me both female and male leading character needs to have good and bad characteristic. He or she cannot be all good or all bad. Think about the people you meet every day! There is always a mixture although it’s the quantity of each of characteristic that “define” the person. In order to feel the character he or she must resemble the reality as much as you can!

  3. Hmm, good question. I’m not going to vote because I’m not sure it’s quite as simple as that poll makes it seem. I like flawed characters – properly flawed characters who make mistakes and end up in bad situations because they have done something wrong, rather than characters who have bad things happen to them. I *don’t* like stupid or ignorant characters; few things annoy me more than when something is being hinted at that you the reader have figured out but the character needs spelling out slowly.

    • LOL! Stupid characters annoy me too! Basically, as a reader, you want a character that is true to life. You don’t want some supermodel super-genius superhero. It is okay if you lose you’re boss’s priceless heirloom ruby ring, because you have the rest of the story to fix your mistakes and learn who you really are. Thanks Mark! πŸ™‚

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