When the world stops going ’round

A new day may always dawn.
The sun might rise again.
The moon could wax and wane.

But that doesn’t mean my world is still turning ’round.

The rain may stop.
The wind might blow itself out.
The hail could cease to drop.

But that doesn’t mean my world is still turning ’round.

The fire may smother itself and die.
Some people pick themselves up and keep moving forward.
But yet my eyes will never again be dry.

Because my world is not still turning ’round.

When will all the pain be gone?
Will the sorrow ever leave?
When will a fresh, happy, new day dawn?

I need it now. Because my world will just not turn around.

28 thoughts on “When the world stops going ’round

      • Have a tissue and tell me about it. I always wondered why guys don’t flood like we do. I don’t like to let people see me cry. I try to stay tough on the outside, but sometimes I’m crying without the tears.

      • Good question about guys. Wish I could be that way. I wish I didn’t have to cry. I so much want to be strong. But I am so sad. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, but I always end up writing poems when it gets really bad. But I always delete these stupid poems in a few days. But if I don’t write something, I feel like I’ll explode.

      • Writing is great therapy. I still have poems I wrote back in my college days. I haven’t posted most of them, but I keep them. When you get to be my age and you find yourself in a better place it is really cool to go back and read them. I try to remember what prompted me to write them as I reflect, but too much time has passed and so much joy has entered into my life that I can no longer recall.

      • Yes ma’am. Should be coming soon. My fingers are corssed that my cover art will be done today or tomorrow.
        And thank you for your help last night. I’m better this morning. 🙂

  1. 😦 Reaching out with hugs. It’s a well done poem, Briana…unfortunately – or fortunately depending how one sees stuff – the poet in us sometimes shines brightest when our world is darkest. I don’t know if pain goes away or if life eventually takes the edge off it. Here if you need me.

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