In review

Okay everyone, A Girl Named Cord has just been sent off for review! So by early tomorrow morning, it will be available for your reading pleasure!!!

I feel like a parent who has just sent her youngest child off to college and is waiting nervously to see if he will fit in with the rest of the real world. So now, all I can do is anxiously wait for an email confirming that I have crossed all my ‘T’s and dotted my ‘I’s, and congratulate my that my ‘baby’ has been finally been published!

It has been a long road to publication, since I started writing this book in 2009 and only just finished writing it this spring. Then came the big decision, do I self-publish this book, or start querying agents? I chose the first option, since I wasn’t sure I had the patience to wait for the rejection letters. Then I started editing. I though I was done so then I found some beta readers. They threw light on the fact that I am NOT an editor. But they helped me along, and I finally felt like my manuscript was ready to be shared with the rest of the world. (This is a head’s up to all of you people who go through my now-finished book and exclaim “Here is a typo!”, I don’t want to hear it!!!) I already had a cover, but then I got an offer for a new one, which of course, I jumped at. And as it turns out, the cover art came out beautifully and just made the deadline, which was awesome.
And now, here I am. Playing the waiting game that most authors hate. But I also have a feeling of accomplishment. All that is left to do is rake in the royalties. (I’m trying to be optimistic here, okay?)

Ah, all is the life of an author. πŸ˜‰



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