“A Girl Named Cord” REVIEWS

Here are the two reviews A Girl Named Cord has received.

Love and Drama in the Old West
A heartwarming story of a young woman trying to survive in the west of the late 1800’s. Briana Vested does a wonderful job of telling this dusty tale filled with action, drama, and romance, not necessarily in that order. This doesn’t happen often to me, but once I got to know Cord and the rest of her great cast of characters, I had a hard time putting this book down.

Nicely Written Western Novel
I received an advance copy of this book, and have to say, I really enjoyed it. I haven’t read many Westerns, but the author lives on a cattle ranch, so she knows what she’s talking about. The book doesn’t mention a time period or place for the most part, except mentioning the passing of the Civil War. It mentions place only as North/South/Southern, etc.
The cast is varied in personalities and temperaments, and some of the characters wear their hearts on their sleeves. Cord is a solid character. She’s a female rancher, which is rare, but she knows her trade and enjoys it, and has the respect of her fellow ranch hands, as well as from her boss, Jake Suncat. She’s also very loyal to her family and will speak up for herself or bring reason to the table when she feels it necessary. The book takes place in two parts. The first half is set when Cord is a ranch hand on Suncat Ranch and the troubles that ensue when a unfriendly gentleman moves into the territory. The second half, which takes place after the Civil War, has Cord roughly 13 years later with a new life and new issues to deal with.
The story flows well, the characters are real (you can picture yourself in the room), and the twists and intrigue are just enough to keep you hooked without going over the top. It also stays with the time period and Western theme, so the problems, issues, and/or events are realistic for the time and place of the story. A good read overall and highly recommended.

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